About LFIX


New Beauty Electronic Commerce Model
with Blockchain Technology

Beauty commerce service LFIXSHOP (LFIXSHOP) has achieved price competitiveness by saving all transactions with
blockchain technology and eliminating intermediate management processes, creating a space within the LFIX platform
for beauty-related companies to promote and sell their products, and aims to become the "most practical beauty platform"
that offers shopping solutions.

Beauty data generation system

Decentralization in beauty sector allows users to have ownership of individual data.
LFIX platform increases companies’ sales and users’ values through win-win partnership with beauty device makers, relevant organizations
(cosmetics, dermatology clinics, plastic surgeons)

LFIX Platform – Beauty Data Network

Users are rewarded for data generation and data use by companies
through smart contract

Users can help AI beauty expert upgrade through beauty data provision
and get rewarded additionally for his/her contribution


AI-based Beauty Data Processing System
LFIX’s AI-based Beauty Data Processing System provides customized contents services based on provided beauty data from users. LFIX makes it possible to provide customized beauty services by conducting standardized analysis on beauty data collected from various wearable devices, prescriptions from dermatology/plastic surgery and LFIX’s marketplace, community.

User beauty data
AI machine learning

AI beauty expert provides
individual-customized information

Service of Beauty Dapp

As a beauty Dapp of Futurepia, a total SNS blockchain platform with speed,
stability, and scalability, Lfix is a "life-tailored beauty commerce platform"
that has a rich user base to share members of the existing Dapp through
'Futuria one ID' and integrated member management system

LFIX’s Mainnet platform uses DDPoS(Dual Delegated Proof of Stake)
method developed by Sigma Chain, LFIX’s partner company. DDPoS
is an upgraded encryption algorithm replacing PoW method known
for its low transaction and DPoS known for its weakness in security.

Current TPS(Transaction Per Second) is as follows. Bitcoin-5,
Etherium-15, VISA card system 20,000-30,000, Facebook-50,000
. LFIX’s Mainnet has reached 300,000 TPS benchmark.


AI beauty product production project
Companies make customized beauty products based on AI
-analyzed user data through smart-contracting
AI beauty expert BOT
AI beauty expert provides customized information on beauty
service and answers to questions through online chatting
Customized shopping
Users buy products recommended by AI beauty experts at the
marketplace where AI shopping algorithm helps users
experience next generation shopping service
Beauty wallet
Beauty wallet activates coin usage through marketplace
where users send or pay easily with beauty wallet function
Smart commercial contract
Users can avoid unwanted commercials through smart
contract, while companies pay users who agree to watch
Reward community
Users can get rewarded or applauded by uploading contents.
Incentives are rewarded to answers to questions.


LFIX team consists of experts from various fields such as beauty(cosmetics, fashion, medical), blockchain, AI, management consulting, marketing, legal service

  • Joo Hyung KimCEO
  • -  2017 Business delegation to India
  • -  Consulted Wanma group(China top 100
    company) on beauty business
  • -  Developed personalized cosmetics
    production technology
  • -  CEO of Organic-Bridge
  • Yong Seong KimCOO
  • -  Majored in Computer Engineering in Seoul Nat’l Univ.
  • -  Ex-Samsung Electronics marketing specialist
  • -  Ex-US Department of Commerce specialist
  • -  Professor in People N Business
  • Jang Jun YunCTO
  • -  Personal information based on the blockchain of Shinhan Bank Establishment of operatingSystem
  • -  LG Display's Big Data POC with GoogleProduction Center Establishment
  • -  Technical Advisor to the Korea Software Industry Association and CEO of Dube
  • -  Technical Advisor for Korea Software Industry Association
  • Dong Yoon ShinCIO
  • -  IT Consulting of 30 CompaniesInternet major such as Chosun Ilbo, Joins.com, Naver, etc.
  • -  Ex-NHN Chief Marketer
  • -  Vaccine company "Everyzone" and automatic address book “kukubox."Startups
  • Sun Myoung KimCSO
  • -  Ex-Director of Planning of Odyssey Communications
  • -  Ex-CEO of ThinkPlanet
  • -  CEO of Super-Bullet Communications
  • -  Startup Union Marketing Advisor
  • -  Media Brand Marketing Partners of a Seoul Media of Institute of Technology.
  • Jeong Hun LeeCDO
  • -  Samsung Electronics, CJ System, SK E&C, Cheil Industries, Produce a number of promotional materials, including Deloitte and Tway Airlines
  • -  Web Design of 20 Major Companies
  • -  CEO of Design Hada & Design Deference

Beauty Alliance Team

  • Yeong Je KimTechnical and Strategic Advisor
  • -  Doctor of Graduate School of Tokyo University
  • -  One of the world's top 100 scientists selected by the International Center for Humanity
  • -  List of great intellectuals in American names
  • -  International Centre for Humanity in Cambridge, England ,a deputy chairman
  • Delphine LinAdvisory on Global Beauty Marketing
  • -  President of L’Espace International Corp.
  • -  Main Business -agency brands: Pierre
    Cardin, Maxim’s de Paris, Carven, US Polo
    Association, Pierre Balmain, Les Triples,
  • Bae Yong KimAdvisory on the Beauty Industry
  • -  Award of Excellence in the Korean Society of Industrial Chemistry (2013)
  • -  Prime Minister Award (Oct. 19, 2016)
  • -  Natural oil patentee
  • -  Professor of Chemical Engineering at Dankook University
  • Tae Ung KimAdvisory on Product development
  • -  Ex-CEO of CeraBio
  • -  Development of far-infrared radiation antimicrobial radiation (Kolon)
  • -  Development of Antibacterial Films for Food Packaging
  • -  Korea's First 99.9% Organic Cosmetics Development
  • -  Material Design of Organic Cosmetics and Material Extraction Expert
  • -  Deputy representative of Organic Bridge
  • Jun Hyeok SongAdvisory on Beauty Marketing
  • -  Ex-Director of CeraBio
  • -  Marketing director of Organic Bridge
  • -  Global Customized Cosmetics Program Planning
  • -  Cosmetics & Raw Material Analysis Specialist

Block Chain & AI Alliance Team

  • Jin Young KwakTechnical and Strategic Advisor
  • -  Masters degree in Computer Sciences from Griffith University
  • -  Ex-Director of Cyworld Laboratory
  • -  CEO of Sigma chain
  • -  Blockchain by developing 100,000 TPS mainnet for the first time in KoreaInnovation Award Winner
  • Gwang Ho HuhBlockchain Developer
  • -  Ex-Samsung Electronics Mobile PM
  • -  Development of Hyundai Mobis ARHUD
  • -  Development of ETRI Medical Printer S/W
  • -  Blockchain Developer of Sigma chain
  • Jeong Gyu HwangTechnical and Strategic Advisor
  • -  Development of Samsung CDMA, GSM, and UMTS S/W
  • -  Experience developing multiple apps from J2ME to Android
  • -  P2P connection, SNS app development expert
  • -  Responsible for the development of Sigma chain
  • Seung Uk KimBlockchain Developer
  • -  Citibank Mobile Banking Renewal Service Technical Support in a Project
  • -  Participate in the Mobile Banking Revitalization and Mobile Account Project at Shinhan Bank
  • -  Ex-Performing PL and PM duties at Awasoft
  • -  Responsible for the development of Sigma chain


  • Yeong Jin KimBeauty Business Consulting
  • -  Master of Biology of Korea University
  • -  Ex-Working for ABBOTT Korea
  • -  Ex-Working for Green Cross
  • -  Director of research institute of Organic Bridge
  • Sang Hoon KimBusiness Alliance Consulting
  • -  Ex-President of Hope Worldwide Korea, an international charity organization
  • -  Korea Representative of L’ESPACE INTERNATIONAL
  • -  CARVEN,LES TRIPLES ,French Brand Marketing
  • DooriDooriSNS marketing
  • -  Media Representative for Dooridoori.com
  • -  Incheon City Blockchain PR ambassador
  • -  Huobi Korea, Aergo, BXB PR ambassador
  • -  Activities as the Official Top YouTuber of Korea's Cryptocurrency network


LFIX is building AI beauty ecosystem through partnership with various companies




What is the LFIX platform?
LFIX is a future-oriented blockchain-based beauty commerce platform that combines blockchain technology and beauty business markets. Through Lfix Shop, a beauty commerce service based on Sigma Chain Mainnet, the company has secured price competitiveness by eliminating the middle management process by storing transactions with blockchain technology, creating a space for beauty-related companies to promote and sell their products within the Lfix platform, aiming for the "most practical beauty platform" that offers shopping solutions With the existing ID of all the members of Futurepia Dapp, we can use the 'SNAC' token, which was awarded as compensation for the activities of the members, and we will make a successful case of Token-economy as a platform for making real profits by attracting real purchasing members on and off line.
What is the total supply of the LFIX coins?
In addition to the growth of LFIX commerce, we will create policies to maintain token value, such as coin incineration and repurchase policies, in consideration of the core ecosystem and market conditions.
What is the LFIX listing schedule?
Starting with the initial public offering on November 19, 2019, you can continue to expand your trading market and meet on a wider range of exchanges.
How is the LFIX coin sales amount used?
Most of the revenue is used for successful LFIX platform deployment and product production. The initial planned usage rates are as follows: 40% program development and security,
30% marketing and promotion, 20% management and operation, 5% reserve.5% law
LFIX is a token issued on the basis of logistics assets and the Angel-Sale Fund has been used for promotional marketing, listing, initial token liquidity and product development. Most of the tokens issued in the future will be used for product development and LFIX shopping commerce growth.
How do I sign up?
LFIX membership is available at www.lfixshop.com and depending on the Sigma Chain Mainnet policy, if you have the ID of the snac(Futurepia), you can also use it on LFIX. If you log in with the same ID/non-number once, you will be automatically signed up.
What are the major business models of LFIX?
LFIX will build its membership and a successful revenue base through the first shopping commerce, and will focus on the value of the token as the platform grows. In the future, we will use beauty data reflecting diverse experience and needs of our members to move on to a second business model that provides customized beauty support.